Kyrgyz Honorary Consulate in Krasnodar

Kyrgyz Honorary Consulate in Krasnodar, Russia
ul. Vladimir Holovaty d. 313 (A), 350000, Krasnodar, Russia,

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Contact No. - (+7) (988) 245 43 02

Email - [email protected]

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Head of Mission: Alexey O. Chinaliev, Honorary Consul

The interests and policies of the president of Kyrgyzstan and Russia are represented by the Kyrgyz Honorary Consulate in Krasnodar, headed by the ambassador. The Kyrgyz Honorary Consulate in Krasnodar preserve and protect the relationship, and be a point of contact between Kyrgyzstan and Russia. The Kyrgyzstan Embassy has officers for economic, management, political, public diplomacy and consular roles.

Always call to book an appointment before visiting the Embassy or the Consulate of Kyrgyzstan in Russia. Your enquiries or requests may not be responded to if you do not call to book an appointment during the official operation hours prior to the visit. However, Kyrgyzstan appointments may be prioritized by the Embassy and Consulate and they may respond to emergencies associated with their stay in Russia. On Russian and Kyrgyzstan holidays, the Embassy and Consulate offices are closed.

Embassy and Consular Services
The Kyrgyzstan Embassy through the economic, management, public and public diplomacy offices work with the government of Russia to negotiate trade laws, manage Kyrgyzstan properties, monitor political trends, and build mutual support and understanding for Kyrgyzstan policies. The Kyrgyzstan Consulate undertakes activities serving to protect Russian citizens in Russia, as well as issuing Kyrgyzstan nationals new passports when the previous one expires, get stolen or lost. The consulate also issues visas to non-Kyrgyzstan citizens who wish to travel for holiday, work, study or live in Kyrgyzstan.

Visa types granted by Kyrgyzstan are;

  • Kyrgyzstan Tourist Visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Business Visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Family visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Guest visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Invest visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Mountain tourism visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Relatives visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Religious visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Official visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Student visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Transit visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Employment visa
  • Kyrgyzstan Diplomatic visa

Travel Health Insurance
A travel medical insurance protects in the event of an illness or injury in the course of traveling out of Russia. Travel insurance certificate is one of the requirements for granting non-Kyrgyzstan visas to Kyrgyzstan. Get a quote for travel insurance with wide coverage Travel insurance quote.

Coronavirus Pandemic
The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has affected the operation of businesses and offices throughout the world, most are now operating at suboptimal level. It is important to place a call to the Embassy or Consular office before visiting in order to be sure about services currently in operation.

This page is regularly updated to reflect current changes to operations of the Embassy and Consular offices. However, we do not accept liability for errors due to non-inclusion, mistake, or misinterpretation of the information contained herein.

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