Embassy of Burundi in Moscow

Embassy of Burundi in Moscow, Russia
Kaloujskaya pl. 1, app. 226-227 , 119049 Moscow, Russia

Thu, Dec 09, 17:12
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Contact No. - (+7) (499) 230 25 64

Fax - (+7) (499) 230 20 09,

Email - bdiamb@yahoo.fr

The interests and policies of the president of Burundi and Russia are represented by the Embassy of Burundi in Moscow, headed by the ambassador. The Embassy of Burundi in Moscow preserve and protect the relationship, and be a point of contact between Burundi and Russia. The Burundi Embassy has officers for economic, management, political, public diplomacy and consular roles.

Always call to book an appointment before visiting the Embassy or the Consulate of Burundi in Russia. Your enquiries or requests may not be responded to if you do not call to book an appointment during the official operation hours prior to the visit. However, appointments may be prioritized by the Embassy and Consulate and they may respond to emergencies associated with their stay in Russia. On Russian and holidays, the Embassy and Consulate offices are closed.

Embassy and Consular Services
The Burundi Embassy through the economic, management, public and public diplomacy offices work with the government of Russia to negotiate trade laws, manage Burundi properties, monitor political trends, and build mutual support and understanding for Burundi policies. The Burundi