Russia to Launch E-Visa Program in July

Russia is set to introduce its long-awaited electronic visa (E-visa) program in July 2023, according to an announcement made by Maxim Reshetnikov, the Russian Minister of Economic Development. This move comes after a delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Russia E-visa program was initially proposed in 2020 to allow citizens of more than 50 countries to apply for a Russian visa online, and it is finally being implemented to enhance the country's visa application process and promote tourism.

Russia to Launch E-Visa Program in July

Implementation of the E-Visa Program

President Vladimir Putin has instructed the relevant authorities to reintroduce the Russian E-visa for citizens of countries considered "friendly" to Russia. Reshetnikov has confirmed that the E-visa system will be launched before July 15, pending the resolution of some technical issues with the interior and digital ministries.

Details of the New Russian E-Visa

The Russian E-visa will permit a single entry and a maximum stay of up to 16 days in the country. It will cater to both tourists and business travelers. The application process for the E-visa is straightforward and can be completed through an online form that requires basic information. Applicants will also need to pay a processing fee to submit their request.

Unlike the traditional Russian visa application, there will be no requirement to submit supporting documents such as an invitation letter or proof of accommodation bookings. The application can be submitted up to 40 days in advance but no later than 4 days before the intended entry date to Russia. The processing time is estimated to be around 4 calendar days.

Once the application is processed successfully, applicants will receive their approved E-visa for Russia via email. They will be required to either make a printout or save a digital copy on their mobile device to present to the border control upon arrival in Russia. The approved E-visa will be valid for a total of 60 days from the date of approval, and the holder must enter Russia within this timeframe to enjoy their 16-day stay.

Prospective Impact on Russian Tourism

The introduction of the E-visa program in Russia signifies the country's efforts to modernize its visa application process and adapt to the digital era. This move aims to optimize travel facilitation and create a more appealing environment for international visitors by easing entry procedures and reducing waiting times at customs.

The E-visa program is expected to have a significant positive impact on Russia's tourism sector. Simplifying the visa acquisition process will likely encourage more international tourists to visit the country, ultimately boosting the economy. Individual travelers, in particular, are expected to show renewed interest in visiting Russia due to the convenience of the online visa application procedure, which eliminates the need to travel in groups, attend in-person embassy interviews, or gather extensive documentation.

The list of nationalities eligible for the Russian E-visa program has not yet been announced but is expected to be revealed in the coming month. As soon as the official list becomes available, it will be published on this site to provide comprehensive information to potential visitors.